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Tamilnadu Tour (9 Days / 8 Nights )

Chennai - Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram - Pondicherry -Tanjore - Trichy - Madurai - KanyaKumari - Tiruvandram

Day 1 : Arrival at Chennai

GateWay of Tamilnadu

On Arrival at Madras Airport by international flight, assistance will be provided to receive the guests and to transport to Mahabalipuram the Hotel for comfortable overnight stay.

Day 4 –Pondicherry

Dawn Auroville

After breakfast to visit Pondicherry's main places to the Rai Nivas, the Sacred Heart Church and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Aurobindo Ashram was founded in 1926 by Sri Aurobindo, a famous spiritual master of India. After his death, the spiritual authority passed to one of his disciples, a French woman known as the Mother. The Mother established another Ashram Retreat called city of Dawn Auroville, 10 km from Pondicherry with an objective to create a city of the future where people from India and abroad could live and work together in a commune steeped in spiritual environment. overnight stay at Pondicherry hotel.

Day 7 - Visit to Madurai

Meenakshi temple

The day starts with morning sightseeing tour of Madurai, known as Athens of the East. Second largest city on the banks of the River Vigai. Madurai is famous for its Meenakshi-Sundareswara Temple. Of its 12 gopurams, the tallest four stand at the outer walls of the temple. The 48.8 m high southern gopuram contains over 1500 sculptures. In the Ashta Shakti Mandapam inside the Meenakshi temple, the sculpted pillars tell the story of the beautiful princess of Madurai and her marriage to Lord Shiva. Afternoon at leisure followed by overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 2 : Mahabalipuram

Rock-Cut Temples And Rathas

After Breakfast explore the relics of the ancient-most port of and ruins of city besides the monumental remains of ancient Pallavas dynastic rulers. The pallavas created many marvelous monuments with sculptural panels, caves, Rock-Cut Temples And Rathas(Chariots).

Day 5 – Visit to Tanjore

Brahadeeswarar Temple

Morning drive to Tanjore en-route visit temple of Lord Natraja at Chidambram. On arrival at Tanjore, check-in at the hotel where you can fresh up and dine before exploring Tanjore in the afternoon. Tanjore is a city of art and music. It is a cultural centre for Carnatic music and dance. It is also a city of craftsmen engaged in producing traditional musical instruments and handicrafts. Tanjore is known for its famous Brahadeeswarar Temple

Day 8 –KanyaKumari - Kovalam

The Bay Of Bengal

The day starts with morning drive from Madurai to Kanya Kumari Kanya Kumari is located at the southernmost end of Tamil Nadu (and India too) at the point where the Three Seas Meet - The Bay Of Bengal, The Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Other places to visit here are Gandhi Memorial erected at a spot where the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were kept for public view in an urn before being immersed into the three seas and Vivekanand Memorial built on the Vivekananda Rock where the great Indian sage Swami Vivekananda went into meditated. The day ends with the drive to Kovalam and reaching there for a overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 3 Pondicherry

British empire

Pondicherry, once a French Colony, affords you an opportunity to get transported to a different socio-cultural milieu since most of the Indian territory remained under British empire. You can readily mark the French influence on the life style and the monumental structures.

Day 6 Trichy - Madurai

The Rock Fort

Drive to Trichy. En-road visit Srirangam. Surrounded by the Kaveri water and The Rock Fort situated on the banks of River Kaveri. The Fort stands on an 84 m high rock which is one of the oldest rocks in the world Yet more that the fort continue to drive Madurai

Day 9: Trivandrum

Airport Drop

Trivandrum Airport drop

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